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                                  Our Rates & Services

Outdoor portraiture sessions - $50.00/hr.  
Sister Snaps offers these sessions to anyone who wants a creative, lasting portrait.  We can photograph children, seniors getting ready to graduate, families, friends, couples, or any combination of people.  Bring along changes of clothes if you wish or special items that you may want included in the pictures.  We will travel to any special location that you prefer or we can offer up areas that have pleasing backgrounds for whatever type of portrait you wish to have.  Most sessions last from 1.5 to 2 hours.  For portraits including 5 or more people, there is an additional charge of $10 per person in addition to the normal hourly rate.  All photographs will be edited and downloaded to our online gallery for purchase within 7-10 days of your photo shoot. 
Birthday Parties/Celebrations - $150.00  (2 hrs., includes approx. 60 prints in personalized hard cover book)
Sister Snaps puts the fun and enjoyment back into your birthday parties!  Why?  The answer is simple, we run around and take the pictures of your family as YOU enjoy the party.  We capture the moments that your family shares from blowing out candles to opening presents.  We aim to capture the entire event so that you will have a lasting reminder of the birthday party for years to come.  Approximately 60 of the best pictures capturing the fun and excitement of the party are selected by us to put in a personalized hard cover 20 page book.  Any additional pictures can also be purchased on an online gallery where your pictures will be available to view 7-10 days after the event.
Babies/Newborn portraiture -  $50.00/hr. 
Sister Snaps does the best to fit newborns into their schedule as soon as possible after the delivery of your new baby.  The sweetest and most precious newborn photos are of curling, sleeping newborns.  During the first 10 days after your baby's birth, they will usually retain some of the natural curl from when they were in the womb.  Newly born babies are also usually more sleepy and pliable for the most desired poses.  For these purposes, please call to book your newborn session as soon as possible.  It is best to reserve your session prior to the babies birth.  This ensures that Sister Snaps can fit your baby into their schedule as soon after the birth as possible.  The newborn session can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours because we work around the infant's needs.  There will be time to feed, diaper, and comfort your baby as needed.  We also have a variety of props (baskets, blankets, sacks, hats, etc.) or if there is something special that you would like in the picture with the baby, we can work it in as well.  All edited pictures will be available for purchase from our online gallery within 7-10 days after your session.
Weddings - $200.00/hr.  (approx.2000-3000 pictures taken, posed and candid, for ceremony and reception)
Sister Snaps wants to chronicle your wedding day from start to finish.  We know how important all of the details of your wedding are to you and we want to help you capture all of them.  For specific rates of our services we ask you to call or email us exactly what you would like for us to photograph.  Our rates can vary depending on the hours we will be photographing.  Some couples just want the traditional posed wedding portraits while others want something more creative in style.  Some would like the reception photographed and their exit to the honeymoon, while others just simply want the ceremony captured.  We aim to please, so contact us and let us know what we can do to help you remember your special day.   Sister Snaps averages 1000 pictures (posed and candid) for a simple ceremony and reception.  All pictures will be downloaded on our online gallery and available for purchase within 2 weeks after your wedding.
Silver Package
*50- 4 x 6's
*10- 5 x 7's
*5- 8 x 10's
*1- 11 x 14
*1- 16 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas
*1- 12 x 12 custom leather 80 page photo book 
*1- CD of ALL posed and candid images
taken with full copyright release 
*Up to 5 hours of shooting time on day of
wedding with 2 photographers
*Your investment:  $2,210 
 Gold Package
*75- 4 x 6's
*15- 5 X 7's
*8- 8 x 10's
*1- 11 x 14
*1- 8 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas
*1- 16 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas
*1- 12 x 12 custom leather 80 page photo book 
*1- CD of ALL posed and candid images
taken with full copyright release
*Up to 5 hours of shooting time on day of
wedding with 2 photographers
*Your investment:  $2,500
Platinum Package
*4- Wallets (sets of 4)
*100- 4 x 6's
*20- 5 x 7's
*10- 8 x 10's
*2- 11 x 14's
*2- 8 x 10 gallery wrapped canvases
*1- 16 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas
*1- 12 x 12 custom leather 80 page photo book
*1- CD of ALL posed and candid images
taken with full copyright release
*Up to 5 hours of shooting time on day of
wedding with 2 photographers
*Your investment:  $2,830 

**A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to save the date of your wedding on our schedule.  On the day of your wedding, this $250 will go towards the cost of our services.  Payment in FULL of our services is to be paid the day of your wedding.**
Bridal Portraits - $100 session fee
Sister Snaps wants the most important day of your life to begin with a beautiful Bridal portrait.  Our session may last up to 2 hours and may include 2 locations of your choice.  Take your portrait to the next level by making it creative and reflect your own personality.  We would love to assist you in getting the perfect portrait of you to display at your wedding and be hung on your wall for years to come.  As a bonus, if you contract us to photograph  your wedding, we will include 2 complimentary 8 x 10's of your favorite pose from your Bridal session.  
**These prices reflect areas that are within 30 miles of Greenville, NC.  Areas outside of the 30 mile radius will be an additional  56.5 cents per mile.**
**Session fee is due at time of session**
**$30.00 return check fee** 

                                        A La Carte Pricing


Wallets (4) - $9.00

4 x 6 - $5.00

5 x 7 - $12.00

8 x 10 - $18.00

11 x 14 - $30.00

16 x 20 - $45.00

20 x 30 - $66.00

      24 x 36 - $85.00      

**Photo gifts (mugs, mouse pads, puzzles, etc.) are also available for purchase on your online gallery.**

**Your edited pictures will be uploaded for your convenience to purchase on the online gallery after your photo session.  You will receive notification via email when your gallery is posted and it will remain posted for a minimum of 7 days for picture selection and purchase.** 

 Digital Prints Pricing

Outdoor Portrait Session - approx. 100 high resolution/edited images on a copyright cd - $300

Babies/Newborns - approx. 100 high resolution/edited images on a copyright cd - $300

Weddings - All (posed and candid) high resolution/edited images on a copyright cd - $800

Wedding - Candid high resolution images on a copyright cd - $500

Wedding - POSED high resolution images on a copyright cd - $400 


Custom Photo Books 

Sister Snaps Photography offers a variety of stylish personalized photo books showcasing 1-4 pictures per page of your photo shoot.  A 20 page book is included in the price of the book, and additional pages can be purchased for $2.00 per page.   

Book sizes:     5 x 7 (soft cover) $60.00

                    7 x 9 (soft cover) $65.00

                    8 x 8 (soft cover) $75.00, (hard cover) $100.00, (padded cover) $110.00

                    8 x 11 (hard cover) $110.00

                    12 x 12 (hard cover) $130.00, (padded cover) $140.00

**Additional sizes are available as are cover styles upon request** 


Birth Announcements, Photo Cards, and Holiday Cards

Sister Snaps Photography is glad to assist you in making announcements or cards for special occasions with the pictures we take.  The price of each announcement or card varies, depending on style and quantities that are ordered.  For specific prices,  please email us directly stating the quantity and type of card you are requesting and we will get back to you with a quote and do our best to get you the products you want.   

          Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Various sizes are available, contact us for specific pricing.